Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Years ago John tried to convince me to use Linux, the closest he got to my converting to Linux was I downloaded Ubuntu and burned it on a CD. Later on, I convinced him to get a Mac and an Iphone.

Tonight, I was talking to T about his plan to trade in his camera tomorrow. He is thinking of converting to Nikon. This was a big deal for us. He had been trying to convert me to Canon. Yet, it was him who talked about converting now. He is still on the fence at the time being because he said Nikon pictures are flat unlike Canon. However, he likes Nikon sharpness and a bit freak about it. Even though he said he's sleeping on it tonight, I think I know what his decision will be :)


colson said...

Nikon? Canon?

Where did the good old Voigtländer and Leica go? :(

triesti said...

@colson, where? the bank... until one day we could afford them.. unless Santa decided to grant me one :)