Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pharma Wedding

Today one of my dad's friends' daughter got married. I heard it would be spectacular. Rumor has it that her Wedding Kebaya is made by Anne Avantie, which costs at least IDR 30 million for the plainest one to made or more than IDR 10 million to rent. There were 800 invitations sent out for the reception.

Good on her, I guess. I wish her & her husband well.

It's just the fact that pharma industry is paying for parts of her wedding seems odd to me. They are not poor. They just feel they are entitled of such treatment from the industry. I know if my dad was around, he wouldnt have thought about asking the pharma industry to pay for any of his children's wedding.

I can understand it when doctors asking for pharma to pay for their conferences. But for their kid's wedding or birthdays? These kind of things arent allowed in the West. To my knowledge, Western pharmas are not allowed to do this in Indonesia by their HQ abroad, so it's the indigenous pharmas who are into such treatments. Sure, Pharma gains so much profit from these doctors, but in the end it's the patients who have to pay since most people dont have any insurance in Indonesia.


H. Nizam said...

The wedding is paid by pharmaceutical company(ies)? WOW!
It would not cause problem for them because they can always raise prices of their products. So in the end it would be the consumers who have to bear the costs.

colson said...

A beautiful wedding no doubt. The magnificent dress as much KKN as Anne Avantie. And Pharma can be sure what brand of medicine the doctor will prescribe.

Let's add my best wishes to the unknown newly weds.