Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ariel Oh Ariel...Ooh...

With the Peterporn story, I guess we are going to see Anti Porn Act in action. The thing is, with Ariel being arrested as the 'actor' of a porn movie. I dont think the police can make a solid case based on article 4.1 of it. I am no lawyer, but in that Act is said that art. 4.1 is not applicable for those who made porn for private consumption.

If the police want to slap him with the Information and Electronic Transaction Act, they need to prove that Ariel stupidly enough spread the video that potentially kills his career. Logically, if Ariel was that stupid to spread them out, I think he would've not spread the one with his girlfriend. I know some guys spread his ex's videos for revenge, but spreading his own girlfriend's? Let's say Ariel was such a douche who taped his sexcapades with famous Indonesian beauties, in order to spread them around, then it's right to charge him with art 4.1, art 29 of Anti Porn Act, and art 27.1 of the IET Act and art 282 (on good moral) of Indonesian Criminal Code.

If Ariel didnt start the spreading, and confessed to make the tape for personal consumption, he should've been free from all charges. The ones who should be charged with IET Act are those of you who voluntarily and with no right distributing and/or transmitting and/or making an access to those porn movies. It also means those media outlets who screened part of the movies are the ones who should've gotten charged with art 27.1 of IET Act.

But, hey, that's just my opinion, what do I know about Indonesian law.

I think one of the reasons of this witch hunt is the number of kids who are watching those movies. Mind you, there are a lot of Indonesian kids carrying Blackberry or other high tech phones that can browse the net. I think most of warnet or home computer for that matter dont have parental control software. Do we need to blame and regulate internet if your kids watch porn when you dont even try to prevent that from happening yourself? I dont think so.

The thing about those video that I found rather amusing is the opinions of those who already watched them. Colson found it not extraordinary. In fact he said: Just the usual boring stuff. Well, then again he's Dutch, not there's anything wrong being Dutch, but over at kikkerland, things are much much, did I say much, more liberal than in this so-called God-fearing-Indonesia. Now, I have to say I didnt see it, other than still pictures on telly. So I cant say anything about the performance. I just observed some Jakartan (elderly) ladies talk about it. Ranging from 'great staying power', 'huge', 'how come our husbands arent like that', 'OMG it's too much, I dont want to see it any more[walked away]...(after hearing some comments) I have too see that[walked back to see]', 'What are they doing now..(followed by explanation by others)', to 'Gila bener'. Those comments, made me wonders, maybe that survey is right after all.


colson said...

Don't know what I loved better: your instructive legal analysis or the tongue-in-cheek observations.

As you mentioned my name ( well, my blogger alias), I should add that according to my sons' my opinion on the tapes hardly said anything about the quality of Ariel's performance, but a lot about my age.

triesti said...

:D I put your name cause some of those ladies are your age. But to be fair, a friend of mine said the same thing about Ariel performance and he's in his 30s. So I guess taking your both opinion: it's same old same old.