Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Current Obsession

This week I've been obsessing about this bag that I have in my mind. It's a 3D but not in a boxy kind like any regular bag. I want it twisted. I want it neutral with a hint of bright color.

Back in high school we learnt how to do technical drawing. Our teacher gave us an object, and we have to translate it from 3D to 2D from different perspectives. I loved it. Now I tried tapping to that part of my brain while designing this bag and some other ideas I have.

The thing is, I tried drawing the pattern, then I made a prototype but it didnt fit properly when I did the twisting. My first attempt looks a bit wonky. The upside of it, I think it is more ergonomic to handle. My second attempt is more a purse than a bag, but it's more symmetrical. So I am in the right direction. Maybe I should keep the same pattern as the purse for the bag, more oval than what I had in mind.

My goal is to make a bag big enough for my camera but it doesnt look like a camera bag, and cute enough I can carry every where. And, oh, I need to get a logo to match.


colson said...

As I am a clumsy old fart so I always envied creative persons who could handle materials. So a feel a hunch of jealousy.

Is this little project of yours the start of something big?

Because once you have the perfect bag which doesn't show it is a bag, you may start to create the camera which doesn't look like a camera but fits the bag.

And after that there has to be a marketing strategy for this excellent dual-gadget.

triesti said...

Who said I havent started with the camera which doesnt look like a camera at the first place? ;)