Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ever since I am back to this country, one of my uncles has this yearly ritual with me. Well, actually he did it on our last meeting in lowland too. Each year, and this year happened last Sunday on a 7th day mourning of my recently deceased uncle, he asked me if I want to go back to Medical School, to be precise to his Medical School where I would need to wear a jilbab to attend. For some reason, he never asked my cousin E who is actually obsessed about becoming a doctor.

As much as I love(d) the subject, and a lot of people thought I have a knack for it, not to mention the fact that my dad groomed me for it, I dont think going back to Meds School is the right thing to do. It takes ages and money. Plus, I dont think I have the patience in dealing with (Indonesian) patients and their family. I already got frustrated getting the same frequently asked questions from people who are not bother reading materials that we supply upon joining our mailing list for parents of gifted children. In Indonesia, the doctor's money comes from his/her individual surgeries, not from the day time work at the hospital. So, being a doctor means I would've dealt with patients and their family. Not something I look forward to.

Another thing, I dont think Indonesian Health Laws gives enough protection to both the medical practitioners and the patients. If you compare it with the Dutch equivalent, there are so many things that needed to be address in Indonesian Health Law. Another reason not to practice medicine for moi.

Anyway, I always told my uncle that I cant stand the heat if I have to wear a jilbab, because most of the time I cant even stand the heat without an airco in a normal clothing anyway. So how about a head dress combines with a tank top, would that be ok? If it is, I might've thought of going back ;)


colson said...

Since healthcare is still an imperfect yet a vital part of society, you could - if not as a doctor - choose a career as a healthcare policymaker?

triesti said...

I'd rather do beleid en management in gezondheidszorg than going back to meds school.

colson said...

Okay, that's settled then (????).