Thursday, June 03, 2010

That's a Relief!

I heard that the second time in a week from two different guys upon knowing that I am still unmarried. If only my aunts have the same sentiments. Sigh.

That reaction was kinda refreshing, I get used to people looking pity on me, or promising to pray for me or telling me to be nice so some bloke will marry me in this place. On second thought, why did my old friends said that they are relief?


colson said...

Multiple choice:
a) they strongly believe marriage is the total disaster area no one of your old friends should get in to
b) they emphatically worry about any guy you get involved with because your extraordinarily strong personality would wipe his one out
c) they are convinced no man but one of your old friends is entitled to court you
d) they are just happy they can hold on to their own hope for getting this rare gem for themselves.

I guess the answer d) may well be the right one.

triesti said...

Oh Colson you always gives the nicest answer. You reminded me of the grandfather in the movie 'Little Miss Sunshine' when he talked to his granddaughter, Olive, at the motel.