Monday, June 28, 2010

Join the Party?

The other day a friend emailed me, asking if I was interested in joining a party. Political party to be precise. My mom is against me going into politics, because what it had done to some people around us. I dabbled into it before for other party than the one my friend's. I have to say it wasnt my best experience.

I guess it's an opportunity for networking, but I am not entirely sure about this. Should I or shouldnt I join the party?


colson said...

Of course I should not comment here. I should keep my mouth shut.

However, politics is about compromise. So I will not say it loudly, but whisper softly:

Indonesian politics really can do with an influx of intelligent,pragmatic,young people with a coherent program and a matter of fact attitude, dedicated to the general interest of the country. And in the process they can relieve the tarnished present generation of political dinosaurs.

triesti said...

No, I'm glad you did. still sit on the fence on this one.

johnorford said...

after the first line, i was hoping for a post about a drunken party! : )

i would say join an organisation that you are genuinely interested in and go from there. be that political party or circus or somewhere in between!

triesti said...

Oh come on... dont tempt me with drinking. you know how it went. Thing is I am interested but then again there's trauma.