Friday, July 09, 2010

Being Poor and Having Twins

The story on Jakarta Globe is not the first and sadly wont be the last. I heard it many times over. Some poor family had to 'sell' their baby because they couldnt afford to pay for the medical bills. It is said they are not registered for Jamkesmas. Based on my experienced, there are a lot of people out there who are not registered because the head of their village refused to do that for some reasons.

They are supposed to be registered.

In reality however, tells a different story. One needs money to be registered. Something they dont have in the first place. It is something that we need to sort it out together, without interference of our own ego/fanaticism/sentiments. Just sit down together and put those in needs first.


colson said...

Horrible story. One that I didn't want to read. Want to cut off the information.Of course I know she is one of two billion people who are living below he poverty line. It is a huge structural problem which needs to be solved by structural solutions. But as soon as it becomes a personal story in stead of figures it becomes unbearable.

Reading it I felt guilty and powerless. Pretty confrontational to realize that I live relatively comfortable and that this mother had to abandon her new born child.

triesti said...

I have this impression for some Indonesians at least, she giving up her kid, means that particular child has a better chance to get out of poverty, which is probably true.

However it doesnt make it right, or fair to the other child.