Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Books Glorious Books

There's a book fair down at Senayan at the moment. I went there after a meeting near the area. I have soft spot for books, so I came prepare carrying a rucksack with wheels.

First, I headed to Mizan's stand. I must buy Indonesian-English Dictionary published by them. Then I went around the place looking for 'Serat Centhini', a translated book from ancient Javanese, with no luck. However, I met this guy who said he's going to contact me if he could find it at his warehouse. When I bought 'Babad Tanah Jawa' at his booth, he asked if I was into Javanese thing. Well, actually I am just interested in reading old Javanese literature at this moment. I heard about those book growing up, I think it's about time to read them. I bought several more contemporary books, and dictionaries. I am settled for the next several weeks.

I notice that almost all booths sell religious books, Koran or Bible or both. Some were selling audiobooks and they were playing them pretty loud. Horrible. In the rare books booth, they only had comics. I found one booth selling 'The little house on the prairy' collection. I remember enjoying reading them when I was little, wondering how the snow feels, how the maple syrup tastes. At one point I tried making candy from syrup on the snow like Laura, but using our freezer:)

After walking around and emptying my wallet for three hours, I decided to go home, with a detour for a pizza in Grand Indonesia.


colson said...

Books. Here is an sensible addiction we share. In my lifetime I've also spent a little ( well, not that little actually) fortune on books. It's primarily about reading them of course, but I want books, a lot of books, around me as well. Do you know the feeling?

(Btw: my first attempt to comment yesterday has mysteriously failed obviously)

Anonymous said...

I so know the feeling mister:) I had to keep myself from looking for more books the other day because I bought 11 books already. I just order the Serat Cethini minutes ago, so 4 more books.. by this rate, I wont be taking any vacation soon.

Oh, poor thing, I dont know what happened with blogspot. I've been experiencing some glitches too with my computer. It's not always easy checking on your blog.