Friday, July 30, 2010


Last night I was thinking that I havent been laughing as much as I used to since I dont know, perhaps since I moved back here, or maybe even before that. I used to laugh a lot every day, but not nowadays. There are times when I hang out with my cousins that I laugh out loud, even just days after dad died (I have this feeling that was part of our family way of dealing with someone passing, I know most people would frown on hearing us but it works for us), but we dont see each other that often.

I dont see my friends in Jakarta that often, because life (and traffic) happens. When we do talk (phone or chat) or meet up, we laugh. However it wasnt like it used to be. Like I said, life happens.
Therefore my goal at this moment is to laugh again everyday. They say laughing is therapeutic and enhancing our immune system, and since I think I am coming down with something, I might as well start today. This afternoon my niece, Sekar, showed me this old clip that cracked me up:


colson said...

Sure, we all need two or three shot of laughter a day. And to some people grim humour and self mockery are some of the best ways to deal with tough and sad situations indeed. The problem is to find the right company.

As for "Idols" ... I can't deny it sometimes is hilarious. Though often I also feel a substitute shame. I think it is kind of sad that some of these 'performers' are not protected against themselves. The producers exploit them by letting these men and women ridicule themselves in front of millions.

(By the way: isn't the 'format' of Idols invented by Endemol?)

triesti said...

When I see Idols, it reminds me of Andy Warhol who said "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

Nowadays being famous is everything. Some people would do anything, including self mockery to be famous and they didnt even have any clue of how that fame would affect their lives in the future.

I think, Popstar started the whole thing in 1999in New Zealand. Idols started in 2001 by Freemantle, Endemol to my knowledge did the Fame Academy at BBC in 2002. Endemol gave us the dreaded Big Brother in 1999

colson said...

Yes of course. You're right. Endemol is guilty, but not of this gruesome product.