Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of Those Days

Today, I played the waiting game. First, I waited for a photo session, then I waited for my meeting. It was a slow but informative day. By the time I was able to leave, it was already the beginning of rush hour. Some commented in the elevator that there are traffic jams every where according to his BB, Blackberry.

Outside, there were surprisingly less cars than normal. Weird.

I saw three guys walking by dressing in a white shirt, a tie and black pants with a name tag, reminds me of Mormon missionary. Turned out they were, two of them were Elders and happened to be Indonesian, while the other one was bule. I didnt know there are any Mormons in Indonesia, I knew there are Yehova around. I wanted to ask that bule experience being an evangelist in Indonesia in comparison with his own country (I suspect he is American). I met Mormons evangelists in NL before and they are American who learned the language to do their mission. It struck me that Mormons missionaries are always in a group of three, dressed in sober white and black, very young and very polite. They are different than their Yehova counterpart who are pushy, at least the ones in NL were.

In the area of Setiabudi on Sudirman, the lines going to Semanggi were almost stand still because there was a busway with a man body's underneath it when I passed by toward HI. I heard later that he was about to cross the road when he got hit. I feel for everyone in that Busway and for that man & his family.

It's one of those days, when you thought nothing 'special' is going to happen, and you ended up wishing that nothing special happened.


colson said...

Enough happenings on a common weekday indeed. Intriguing (photo session) and tragic.

However this one struck me - a few people who are in the business of converting Muslims. Well, Mormons are into polygamy too... Yet strange, very strange.

The horror, the horror on my doorstep: evangelists, whether Jehovahs, Mormons, Scientologists or whatever other soul-saving ideologists, polite or rude.... Well, this song "Red mij niet" by Maarten van Roozendaal ( is what my answer would be.

triesti said...

well MUI keeps saying about 'kristianisasi' converting Muslims into Christianity. A sensitive issue, since both Islam & Christianity (well, mostly protestant) are into 'converting business'.

Never heard that song before. I'll be my answer too:)