Friday, July 23, 2010

Arab vs Javanese in-Laws

I guess since next month is Ramadan, fasting month, it means there're weddings to attend this month. I've been to weddings every week. The last one was tonight, with a Lampungese theme. I really pity the bride with humongous headdress, she must have had a headache from it. I heard it weights more than 2kg, and since it was a huge reception (I think more than 1000 people attending), I think she stood there at the stage for at least 3 hours to receive congratulations from the invitees.

The mother of the groom is a distant family of mine, from the Arab branch, the father is Lampungese. The bride family is Javanese from Banyuwangi, who happens to be my parents acquaintances. Mom said she probably even attended the wedding of the parents of the bride. An interesting fact: according to my mom, both the bride and the groom were my dad's patients when they were little. No, he wasnt the matchmaker.

What I found pretty interesting during the reception was the fact the only Arab on the stage wore the sexiest and the most revealing kebaya out of the three ladies up there, while the mother of the bride wore modest kebaya with jilbab. Isn't it something?


colson said...

One good reason for royal princesses and Indonesian girls to elude marriage, is the burden of the wedding.

And, by the way, isn't this entry proof that the world is a global village? Everybody seems to know everybody.

triesti said...

Colson, in Jakarta it seems that the world is so small.. but that's for another blog