Sunday, July 04, 2010

How's the Baby?

I never said a word when I met someone who looked like a pregger, unless I knew that she was really pregnant. I've seen it happened. Someone asked when the baby's due, when there was no baby, just fat. Awkward.

The other day when I was with a friend, we met his friend, who I thought was pregnant. Lucky I didnt say a word about it, as she started to tell my friend she already lost 12 kilo's since the baby's born in June and still need to lose 10 more.

However, my strategy is not always safe. Once, I met an old colleague after months of not seeing her. We talked a bit, and then when she was about to leave someone said about her being pregnant. "Are you really pregnant? Congrats!" I said. She retorted, "You thought I was just fatter." Honestly, I didnt even realize she was gaining weight (she was on heavier side to begin with), but it was embarrassing.


colson said...

I think calling someone fat - on purpose or mistakenly thinking she is pregnant- hardly is an insult. Nothing wrong with big girls of course. If not now it will just be a matter of time and they will be the real icons of beauty again ( like they were when Rubens lived).

Fortunately men haven't the same kind of misunderstanding among each other. If some friend asks me whether I'm pregnant both of us know what he means.

triesti said...

I agree, nothing wrong about being big. some people are sensitive about being big, some are ok about it. I just dont want to offend anyone.