Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Future Is Orange

I dont normally watch football, but I watch some matches every now and then. Last night the Dutch football team kicked Brazilian team from the World Cup. It was a great game. I was teasing a friend of mine who is a fanatic Dutch supporter 10 minutes in to the match. By the end of the match he lectured me about having a little faith. It was fun.

Tonight I just realized Indonesian media named Dutch team 'Der Oranje'. Why is that? For as long as I remember and to the best of my knowledge in NL we called them 'Oranje', if you want to use any article: 'Het Oranje'. One of my Dutch friend said perhaps Indonesian uses German grammar, but in German 'Orange' is 'Orange' not 'Oranje'.

Anyway, I do hope Dutch win the cup. Oranje Boven!

ps: I just found out, in Ternate there was a fight between Dutch and Brazilian supporters. NUTS.


colson said...

I had the same association like your Dutch friend. "Der Oranje"? Funny. Especially since the Dutch squad plays like the Dutch one in '74 (you know about '74 I guess), and the Germans like the Dutch one of that year.

Usually I take myself for a sensible senior. But every two years ( European Championship and World Championship)a become a moderate nationalist.

So, for about 24 hours I was in high spirits. Beating Brazil is an almost as good an experience as beating the Germans.

(After watching a fabulous Germany team beating Argentina I'm afraid that once more "we" will not make it in the end...).

As for the "Ternate - incident" which escaped my attention, I totally agree: Nuts or worse.

triesti said...

it's going to be an interesting match if Oranje meets Der Panzer. May the best win.

The only football I know is what a friend's been telling me about while watching it at my place, mostly about his squads: ajax and Oranje. But let me tell you something, I use Arsenal credit card :)