Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Siamang & Kakaktua

As soon as I got back home from out of town I heard this constant screaming day and night from the neighbor's Siamang. It's a type of gibbon. I feel like living near the jungle or something. I have no idea which neighbor has it, but it's only since a couple of days ago. My hunch is the one with a huge plot of land near by, as it sounds from that area.

If I am not mistaken, siamang is an endangered species, so probably it is illegally obtained. Then again, it's Indonesia, where every thing goes. We are also guilty of having a kakaktua that someone gave us a while back. Mom and I are talking about giving it to one of the zoo, while joking that as soon as the kakaktua entered that zoo's cage, he is going to gnaw its cage toward freedom just as he neatly did several times at our place.

With the sound of siamang, kakaktua, rooster and chicks around all day, it doesnt feel like I am living in the middle of metropolitan city, which is kinda great in a way. But no, I still think we should give our kakaktua away.


colson said...

It may well be you are part of a major cunning strategy to roll back urbanization by secretly and gradually turning the city into the country side and even jungle it once was.

triesti said...

Yeah, I heard Jakarta has 170Malls and only 5(FIVE) parks!!! It's ridiculous! The good thing about this part of the city: I can still see wild bird tweeting in front of my bathroom window. Plus mom is crazy about planting, even on the 3rd floor we have fig & water apple trees :)