Sunday, July 04, 2010

Old Habit Dies Hard

I have a thing about teeth, and occlusion for that matter. It was a big thing actually. Big enough to get me 3 retainers, 2 fixed braces (the first one with an external head gear) and an orthognathic surgery, two surgeries if you count the time they took the plates and screws out. So, yes, teeth matters to me. A lot.

For years I used to look at people's malocclusion and did this 'what kind of treatment he/she needs' in my mind. Ok, sometimes I discussed it with my old boss too. Yes, that bad.

Since Indonesians are not into teeth (that's an understatement!) and there are not enough proper orthodontists or maxillofacial surgeons, somehow I stop doing that. Until last night. I saw this gal with severe class III malocclusion, and started doing it again instantly. It made me smile. I dont know why, but it did.


colson said...

Pff. I'd better hide my face if we ever meet.

You seem to have been going through a giant dental project - I stand in awe, being one of those cowards who always are shitting in their pants when they have an appointment at the dentist. It even looks like you became a professional in the process.

So I guess for all the money you must have spent, you show the charm of your bright smile to the happy ones in your company most of the time.

triesti said...

You know, I met a lot of elderly people who refused to go to the dentist for most of their lives only to end up sitting in orthodontist's chair almost on weekly/monthly basis prior to getting an implant.

The oldest person I met getting braces at 73 years old. She was so sweet.