Sunday, February 20, 2011

His Name is Khan

“I wanted to optimize my life for happiness and satisfaction.” With that Sal Khan of Khan Academy gave up millions as a financial trader and becoming a creator of educational institution. It doesnt hurt that Bill Gates and Google Foundation are his fans and supporters. Khan uses youtube to disseminate his lectures on maths.

It's a great idea.

Anyone can use his lectures in their own pace. You can skip the part you already understand and repeat the part that you dont. Even Bill Gates is using it with his own kids.

It would be fantastic if we had his lectures in Bahasa Indonesia and perhaps disseminate the lectures in DVD instead of online because our internet is v.e.r.y-v.e.r.y-s.l.o.w. Mind you, he actually put the lectures on Bittorrent too. I know some guys are in contact with the academy for translating the lectures already.

Mr Khan, I salute you!


Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

A very generous man indeed, a one of a kind in today's world of 'greedy' men.

Ps: when I used Speedy, internet access was terribly slow, then I changed to one of the GSM provider using flasdisk type modem, and access is good most of the time almost everywhere in Jakarta and vicinity.

colson said...

I didn't check it out, but I wonder whether this might be a facility which could be used by Pustaka Kelana also?

triesti said...

@harry, indeed. He's great. I use Speedy, the only unlimited provider available in this area. Even mobile (for talking) signal is not always good in this house. I was going to use the radiowave provider, but I never managed getting their signal even during the trial.

@colson, I was thinking the same thing. But it means they need to bring out laptop/ tv-dvd player. I told some of my friends at production house years ago (back in 2000, even before Khan started his thing) about this, but they were not interested.