Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bus vs Busway

Since the last day of last year there's busway operating between Pinang Ranti and Pluit. There are only 35 long buses operating between Cililitan and Grogol, and 25 normal buses operating between Pinang Ranti and Pluit. During these time the 'regular' buses were still operating along (part of ) the same route as the Busway.

As of today, the Jakarta government rules that the regular buses are ceased to operate in that very route. Apparently there were about 126 regular buses.

Now, this is the sheer stupidity of our beloved government.

Last week Thursday I had to wait for 45 minutes in the morning from Cililitan for my busway and as soon as I got into one, it was jam-packed that I had to stand all the way to Semanggi, thank you very much. Yesterday I was pretty lucky I only needed to wait for 30 minutes and got a seat so I could finish my book. That was before all 126 regular buses were cancelled.

I cant tell you how it was this morning, the 1st day of the cancellation, since I stay at home due to upset stomach, but I dread going to work tomorrow. Going by taxi is not really something I want to do at the moment, because the traffic is getting worse due to the operational of Busway. See my dilemma?

Please who-ever-in-charge, get us more busway buses before canceling any regular bus routes. Waiting 45 minutes for a jam-packed bus is outrageous. If you are still canceling any of them, please I implore you, take the bloody busway during rush hour without any of your aides for a week so you stand there with us mere mortals waiting for ages for the bloody bus.

Please dont give the crap about you took the busway before. Taking it during some stupid opening route ceremony doesnt count. Dont tell us that your such-and-such takes busway and told you stories about it. Man up and get to it that we have a half decent transportation in this God forsaken place, that's one of the reasons we put you in your place!


colson said...

Obviously "something is rotten in the state" ( of this metropolis). To prevent idiotic decisions at least for those in charge there is an urgent need for a mandatory IQ test.

I know it is to no avail yet I offer my sympathy all Jakarta commuters.

Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

Replacing regular buses operation with much fewer busway is a crazy decision.
It seems that Jakarta citizens cannot expect to have sufficient public transportation in the near future.

triesti said...

Madness! It rained for perhaps 10minutes during rush hour, and I got home after 3 hours!! as it was jam-packed, I sprained my muscle. grrrrrr