Monday, February 14, 2011

Motorcyclists are Nuts

I refuse to drive because Jakartan motorcyclists are nuts. You are driving, eyeing the motorcyclist on the right when suddenly the one on your left cut you off. I get this feeling that as soon as their asses touch the motorcycle's sit, their common sense and brain are out of their body.

Yesterday morning it rained hard. So I went to work later than normal after it turned into drizzle. The road was not that crowded. My busway was not speeding when suddenly this motorcyclist getting in front of the bus out of nowhere. The bus driver blew the horn and slowed down and tried not to hit the motorcycle. We all swayed in the rather crowded bus.

The motorcyclist immediately went off the busway lane. Just in time for not getting hit by the bus. The guy looked at us smiling from ear to ear, and he almost hit another car while doing that! Stupid, stupid, did I say stupid guy. I didnt drive the bus, but my heart was still beating hard until I got to my office. I could only imagine how the bus driver feel. In Indonesia, had he hit the motorcycle, it's his fault, eventho he was on his lane and not speeding.

A stupid egotistical person who didnt bother about the law and crosses/uses the busway lane could get hit by the bus. I'm sorry but I think it's their fault for not taking the crossing bridge/path and not the bus driver's fault.

The reason why motorcyclists are like the way they are, is because the police did nothing against them. One time a motorcyclist hit my dad's car while my dad stopped for the red light. The police asked my dad to sign a paper saying it's my dad's fault, because according to the police it's a pity that the motorcyclist had no money. Was he nuts? Of course my dad didnt sign it.

Once I stood on the pavement waiting for taxi during a traffic jam. About 5 meters away there was this policeman. He did nothing at all when these swarm of motorcycles rode on the pavement just inches from both of my sides and acting as if I disturbed their riding the pavement!

Unless the police really enforce the law on motorcyclists, it's a jungle out there.


colson said...

Pffft. Another horror story on Jakarta traffic. It is hell by all accounts.

Actually the guy must have been crazy - or maybe he smiled because he was so happy to have escaped his fatal ( and ultimate) destiny by the skin of his teeth this time.

Just imagine I will visit this jungle this summer. Better make arrangements for my will before I leave NL.

Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,

Motorcyclists in Jakarta are really dominating the streets, that's why they tend to be very arrogant to other street users.
They would not hesitate to go to a forbidden direction.
The crazy thing is their number will be increasing every year.

Louise Lambert said...

It is not happening in Jakarta alone. It also happened to my husband and he almost die because of the brainless motorcyclist. He signaled but then this dumb motor driver go past him and he ran out of control trying to avoid that son*******.

triesti said...

@colson.. yeah, he's crazy.
@Harry.. it is increasing every day, and I think with less patas buses there will be even more people using motorcycles because the other alternative is more expensive.
@louise I'm sorry to hear that, I hope your husband is alright.