Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm Ashamed being Indonesian

Never in my life I feel so ashamed as Indonesian until I heard the news yesterday.
Never in my life I feel so detached about any religion until yesterday.

The longer I live in this country the more I loose faith in humanity.
The longer I live here the more I loose interest in any religion.

I couldnt, cant and will not comprehend the act of barbarism in the name of G_d that happened in Banten yesterday against the followers of Ahmadiyah.
I couldnt, cant and will not comprehend people who condone that act of evil.

It's time for the so-called moderate moslems in Indonesia to stand up and refuse the hijacking of Islam by the radicals.
It's time for Indonesians to stand up against any discriminatory treatments of the minority.
It's time to do something for the betterment of Indonesia.


colson said...

It IS a shame. I think you feel like most sensible Indonesians feel. Yours is the second indignant comment I over last five minutes ( the previous one is by Lorraine, who is a Indonesian lady living in NL:

Bigotry and hypocrisy are ingredients which are present in all cultures and all religions or ideologies. And they lead to hatred. Whether it is in the name of enlightenment ( Geert Wilders) or in the name of Islam (Abu Bakar Bashir). Or in the name of communism, or Judaism, or Christianity, or neo-liberalism.

It's up to a vast majority of sensible and reasonable moderates, to counter the threats.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

I am very ashamed and humiliated by the Banten authorities' failure
to prevent the slaughter of the Ahamadiyah believers by those
who claimed to be Moslems.

I am more ashamed and humiliated
by the central government's refusal to disband barbaric groups who claim to be defenders of Islam but act as destroyers of Islam.

I have and will always express my above feelings on my blog and other sites.

All of which is done based on my love for my homeland: Indonesia.

triesti said...

@colson, it pains me to think about the atrocity.
@harry, this morning someone asked what can we do? I told him that we can speak up about it, write to our parliamentarians/newspapers. Make our objection heard. I pray this would be the last, but I am afraid it wont be the last.