Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Haute Couture

Last Saturday while I was watching the Young Boys performed for the Harry Darsono's Special Needs Children Charity event, Farhan, the presenter, sat next to me and asked how it felt to wear an Haute Couture. "Well", I said, "in my case, the one I am wearing was like made for me, it fits perfectly while a few other women's clothing today needed some altering. It feels better than my own clothing that was made to measure." He then talked how he never had the opportunity of wear one (is there haute couture for guys? I wonder), that the most expensive thing he had to wear cost less than Rp 10 million. To tell you the truth, I dont even know how much the one I was wearing costs, all I know it was part of his private museum pieces and it was made for the wife of Finnish Ambassador. I didnt dare asking the price of it.

I was honored that Oom Harry let me wore his beautiful clothes even for just a few hours. I'd never dreamt of wearing such a thing, as it was hand painted on pure silk, it was one of a kind. I was also happy that I met the dressmaker who sewed the said dress and she told me a bit about the process of making it. It's not just some piece of clothing that you take off the rack in some high street shop some where. It has history and full of artistic details.


colson said...

A real piece of art (The texture, the colours as well as the human being wearing it) :).

Btw: Men wearing garments of Rp 10 million???? I'm shocked. But then, deep down I always stayed a Calvinist ...

H. Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

I think that it would be great to
be able to wear a creation of a well known designer.

Btw, according to the site: http://www.indonesiamatters.com fashion blogs are the most popular and most visited blogs in Indonesia.
I wonder whether you are interested in making a fashion blog.

triesti said...

@colson. if you think about it, some suits costs more than Rp 10 million.. just go to PC Hofstraat..there are plenty of suits for about €2000.
@Harry, Oh, I'm not into fashion nor popularity.. I'd rather spend my money on computer. I know how to dress decently, but not trendy because I live by comfort and practicality. I designed my kebaya's and gave headache to my dressmaker because it was too complicated for her to make, but the results are great.

colson said...

@ triesti: I know, I know. On top of that I think one shopuld enjoy one's wealth. Moreover I love beauty, originality, innovation and art. However to me - being that Calvinist in disguise, including some of the moralizing which is attached to it :)- the P.C. Hooftstraats of this world are the centres of despicable neo-liberal hedonism and decadence. I distrust men wearing suits of € 1000 - € 2000 :).

triesti said...

@colson, I think more and more Dutch people arent into Calvinism any more. I saw more Dutch wearing Branded things these days.