Friday, February 18, 2011


I was going to post a translation of what our esteemed head of the national police said about FPI, but I'm going to tell you a story about what happened to my nephew this morning which made me angry and even more frustrated.

My nephew drove from Pluit area toward the airport. At one point, he needed to turn right so he gave sign and starting to turn right. This being in Indonesia, there was this cart coming on his right from the opposite direction, so he stepped on the break to avoid it. While this happening, this kid on, what else, a motorcycle tried to cut him from behind and hit my nephew's car.

If this happening in the West, the motorcycle was at fault. That kid called up his father who happened to be a preman (some sort of gangster) in the area and friends with the police.

The next thing what happened was, my nephew was getting hit from 4 guys and a policeman before being detained by the police. He then called up my cousin but before relaying information on his whereabout the phone was disconnected because my cousin's mobile's battery ran out. We tried to call him back but was unable to reach him for a while.

While we were panicking, I called up my lawyer friend asking his advise while my cousin called her friend at other police station. After we were able to contact my nephew again and I told him to take pictures of the bruises, my cousin's friend called that station where they held my nephew and told the guy over there that my nephew is the nephew of some high-rank police officer and should my nephew had any scar from the beating some heads will roll. In the end the police who did the beating confess and said about the beating,"I didnt know who he was at that time."

Meanwhile some guys from my nephew's office came to the station and demanded explanation of the beating and detaining. Since all the evidence pointing out that my nephew is innocent, they are demanding compensation for my nephew's suffering. At the moment, to my understanding the other party is willing to give compensation. We'll see if they are really doing it.


Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
What a bloody incident!
It is an example of very bad behaviour of many policemen here.
I heard that in order to be recruited as policemen they must pay large amount of money.
So when they became policemen they have to get lots of money, for which purpose they'll do many bad things.
I hope that your nephew is okay now.

triesti said...

@Harry, He's at work now. Yeah I heard someone pays between Rp 70 to Rp 150 million to be a policeman.

colson said...

A crazy story. Twisted justice. I'm sorry to read that. Hope all will end well for your nephew.

But for a passing second I thought I should be happy with our police force.

Okay, our climate is bad, we were stupid enough to vote about 24 dangerous dummies in Parliament and an ultra-rightwing government in office, the banks robbed us and ripped us off and the local police investigating a burglary which took place a fortnight ago in my son's ( and Esha's)house messed up but...

But the coppers who sometimes are not extremely efficient, at least on average are reliable, professionally impartial and definitely not corrupt ( with one or two exceptions who were on the pay-list of the Dutch maffia).

triesti said...

@ colson, yeah I called up 112 once because some drunk guys lingered in front of my on-ground-floor-bedroom glass door/window trying to convince the girl above me to let them in. The police came after 10 minutes and told the guys to go. After the drunkards left they knocked on my front door to let me know about it.