Sunday, February 27, 2011


There are certain things in life that I want but I know it's against my parents/family wishes. It tears me apart. On one hand there is this loyalty toward family, on the other it's my life. If I choose my way, would I be happy knowing it breaks their hearts?

My inability to decide was commented that I have no plan. The truth is, I feel like my feet are stuck in certain position while inside there are so much movements moving to all directions.

Someone said to me recently that I need to do what I feel comfortable with. Perhaps I dont need to decide right away and just go with the flow. When it's time to decide, all things will come to its places. However, I'm afraid by not deciding myself, it'll be decided for me.


colson said...

It looks like it is one of those existential dilemmas. Tough, really topugh. And crucial as well.

Though I guess the answer here would be "you're main responsibility is your own life, take it in your hands", I know it is not that easy.

Can't but wish you wisdom.

triesti said...

bedankt! effe duimen..