Friday, February 04, 2011

Technology + Art = I'm Happy

One of the things that I miss from NL/Europe is the museums. I used to own museum-card, and went to any museum as often as I could. I tried to visit at least one museum each time I traveled.

Now that I'm in big durian, I'm not that excited about going to museum. Most of Jakarta museum look 'unloved'. I cant really blame them, because their ticket is dirt cheap, how could they afford to put decent security/display with their income from tickets?

Google just unveiled their Google Art Project, which means we can 'visit' famous museum such as Hermitage, MOMA, Rijksmuseum via Internet! It's like Google Earth but for museums. The plus side of it, we could get up-close and personal to the objects. The downside of it, we need good internet connection (which I dont have. Hey Speedy, do something!).

Some critics said that it's not the same as seeing it with your own eyes. Well, going to Rijksmuseum to see the Nachtwacht by Rembrandt we cant get as close as using Google Art. Plus, it gives an opportunity for those unable to visit the real thing to experience it virtually.

Anyway, I'm happy now I can 'walk around' museum again, and can show my mom some of the things that I love. I wonder if I get the same emotion as I had while visiting certain museums.


H. Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

Google Art Project?
I'll take a look at it later.

colson said...

I think it's great. Only hope it will be extended to other museums ( Centre Pompidou-Paris and Lenbachhaus-M√ľnchen for instance).

(I'm sorry about the internet connection. I can sympathize with your feelings, since it also bothers my skyping+webcamming with our grandson).

triesti said...

@harry do check it out.. it's great.
@colson, thanks, I have to adjust myself from using 10MB to the so-called 312KB but mostly slower than that. I want mauritshuis and vatican museum