Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I Thought I Was Being Played

I received an phone call from an unknown number this afternoon from a girl with this funny voice. Very high, very child-like, very girly. In short, I thought one of my pals was playing me and disguised her voice. So I 'played' along speaking in her manner.

Her: Is this Ms T?
Me: speaking..who's calling, please?
Her: It's X from the Y Bank. Do you have Y Bank's credit card?
Me: I do
Her: Ok, thanks.

Then she disconnected. What just happening? If she's marketing a credit card, she didnt put up any fight. How come she didnt know if I had one?


colson said...

Striking coincidence - yesterday night I saw an old play by Harold Pinter, "Birthday Party" (Verjaardagsfeest). Same kind of weird dialogues which are absurd in an almost humorous sense, but which also have this kind of spooky and threatening feeling attached to it.

Actually I think she was a rookie tele-marketeer though.

triesti said...

yeah.. I thought so..