Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are You Size Zero? Really?

When you read chick mags, you'll see that celebrities are dieting and sporting like mad to be size 0, zero. I always wonder how tiny they are in real life. I'm blessed of having high metabolism & small frame, so I'm rather thin. However, as thin as I might be, I still wear size 4 (for the top: 4 petite) in the USA. Let me rephrase that: I wear what it used to be size 4. Last month mom bought me a wonderful size 4 petite red dress in the USA, and I found it is a bit loose on the top, but it is ok around my hip. My other, older, size 4 dress are all fit well on top and around my hip. The same goes for my new size 0 petite(!) shirt which is rather big for me.

I found out that there is vanity sizes going in our retail shops. What used to be size 12 it is now size 8 or 10 depending on the shop you go to. We are deluding ourself thinking that we are still the same size even though we are not. And it goes both ways: men & women.

For women sizes it's even more complicated than for men sizes. Apparently top designers have different sizes for the same measurement depending on which line they are selling. The more expensive the line, the smaller is the measurement for the same size.

From both charts we could see that H&M is one of brands that has truer size compare to others. I guess it means I cant just ask my cousin to bring me certain clothing in the USA in size 4 anymore. Sigh.

How things are easier back then when size 4 IS size 4.

hat tip: new york times & Flowing data


colson said...

I'm sorry for you. Just too bad for the gorgeous red dress. But..

Times they are a-changing and so are our averages measures. Well, mine specifically ..

So I have to disagree with you. Being way overweight I praise them for secretly comforting me :)

triesti said...

@colson hahaha.. I'd settle for a same size everywhere...