Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doctor's Mannerism


GP: I dont know why you have pain. Why dont you observe it and get back here in a month time.
Surgeon: It's too small, we just keep an eye on it. If you find something or have any pain just come back for a follow up.

Radiologist: It's nothing, just a cyst.
Surgeon: You'd better get married.

Radiologist: Hmm, it triggers my alarm, you'd better see consultant surgeon on the safe side. Most of the time it's not cancerous, but I want her opinion on this, I trust her hands.
Surgeon: It's fibrocystic and you have not only one cyst, but several small ones. We need to keep an eye on it because there's calcium. It's a good thing you have pain, because it mostly means it's not cancerous. I want you to come back in 3 months for follow up.

You see, now I get why most of wealthy Indonesians go abroad for their health care. It's doctor's mannerism that's really pissing me off about Indonesian doctor who you dont know personally. So far, my other Indonesian doctors were great, then again they were my dad's colleagues.


colson said...

Though I admit most of the time doctors deal with probabilities, these kind of experiences would drive me crazy.

Most intriguing one is the surgeon who recommends marriage. Surrealistic.

Most important however is to come to terms with this mind boggling medical adventure. Hope you managed to to get back 'on your feet' again. After all the main message seems to be "Probably false alarm, but let's be on the safe side".

triesti said...

I have, I think ;) But yeah that Indonesian surgeon really something.

Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
I agree with you.
But it's ironic because in the past (1970-1980)we used to send many medical doctors to Malaysia.

genial said...

i think you need to call your previous doctor and explain what has happened and ask if they can call in a prescription to your local pharmacy while you try to figur out what you are going to do and also ask them to recommend another dr for you in the meantime.

triesti said...

@harry, yupe.. there are still malaysians studying at Indonesian medschool tho. There were 3 malaysian in my year.
@genial why would I need any drug? If you want to have 2nd opinion, never ever ask your former doctor about it, they will send you to their likes and you'll most likely end up with the same conclusion. I deal with doctors my whole life. trust me on this one.