Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drink & Personality

I drink every now and then. Mostly after eating something and I am sure I can go back home safe and sound. So, there I was with my boss and a client having a nightcap. When I ordered a glass of port, both of the gents reacted surprised.

Client: Classy
Boss: I told you she's Dutch!
Client looked at me in certain way... I had no idea how to make of it.

Ok, why is port = classy? Why it means I'm Dutch? What does it means if I ordered Vodka or Grappa? Though my fave is actually (Remy Martin's) Pineau des Charentes, which is so difficult to find. What does it say about me?


colson said...

Port? Dutch? Rather Portuguese. Or maybe British.

Anyhow I get the picture - Old Amsterdammer, chocolate and Port Wine ( white or red?):)

H. Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
Hmmm ... you reminded me of my own experience.
When I was at the university my favorite drink was Vodka, that's
why my friends called me Harry Vodka.

triesti said...

@colson red please..
@harry did you study in Russia?