Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Police Chief with a Different

Dont think this will ever happen in Indonesia


colson said...

Wow. Jezus, what a woman! With remarkable assets: overwhelming personality, courage, originality ( and quite an ego as well :) )

But since in some ways India is much worse than Indonesia ( at least another Indian female giant, Arundhati Roy, contrary to the country's general reputation of success leaves no doubt about the deplorable socio-cultural, socio-economical and political condition the overwhelming majority of the Indian population is in) I can't see why something similar will not happen in RI.

I'm sure some 'strong' women are standing in the wings ready to take over.

triesti said...

When I wrote that I was thinking about her using Vipassana in the prison & police force. From what I read about 'doing time doing vipassana' it works in transforming the prisoners. I dont think FPI will be happy about it in Indonesian Prison