Friday, January 21, 2011

Guilty Feeling

It's been ages since I feel guilty about something I put in my mouth. Until yesterday when they presented fried chicken and I had no other choice but to eat them so I didnt insult them.

Funny thing was, I felt so guilty eating it.

I dont eat red meat & chicken out of choice. It's not because some religious teaching told me to. One day I just decided not to eat them. I still eat duck every now and then, seafood, egg and dairy product. Why I still eat duck? Because if I still eat chicken, mom would have cooked chicken almost every day. I still eat duck because it's only occasional thing. Plus, since duck is the latest trend in Jakarta, when I eat out I have more variation.

I used to be this huge carnivore, I could eat only red meat for days. I had no problem eating any sort of animals. Pork, goat, jelly fish, I ate them all. Then I stopped eating red meat and my body feels much better.

So, it's interesting that I felt guilty eating chicken while I didnt when I ate pork or beef back in the days.

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triesti said...

It's ok.. I dont know why I felt guilty for not doing something that I impose myself to do. The last time I ate chicken before 2 days ago was back in 2009 I think. At least it was a tasty fried chicken :)