Friday, January 21, 2011

Thailand vs Ireland

When I went to meditation, every day at least someone wore t-shirt with Thailand related print on it. Then beginning of this month I met this interesting Thai bloke who lives in Korea.

This January practically I have been reminded of Ireland almost on daily basis. Irish Higher Institutions, Irish clients, Irish tourism scenes.

Let's see which country is more prominent in my radar next month


colson said...

Why feel guilty indeed?

I've been told meat, especially red meat, may provoke cancer. So you should be really content not to eat red meat.

colson said...

A East Asian country, a West-European country.. Next a South-American country I guess.

colson said...

OMG, shame on me..
This last one is for the previous post.

triesti said...

Come to think of it, you probably right, colson.. I have two meetings with that Argentinean bloke in the coming weeks