Thursday, January 27, 2011


There I was standing in a crowded busway when I heard this conversation between two ladies. One of them looked more well off, the other needed an orthodontist intervention badly. It seemed like they just came back from some sort of convention.

I started eavesdropping when the bad-teeth one showed the other all the souvenirs she got from Pertamina, one of them was this interesting looking USB hub which they thought at first as baby teething toy. OMG, such a stereotypical of mothers talk. She also got a t-shirt and a backpack.

Before long the one that looked more well off started to complain how her friend neglected informing her about all the souvenirs at Pertamina booth. That she was there but didnt know about it. It's amusing how she kept on complaining about that after her friend pointed out that when she got the souvenir they were on separate ways. "Why didnt you send me SMS then?" she asked. The bad-teeth one said that she didnt have any credit on her mobile. "How come you always have no credit?" The bad-teeth one said that since she knew that calling her friend's flexi number from the pay phone would only ended up in the answering machine she didnt do it.

Still annoyed, then the-more-well-off one started to complain why when they met she wasnt being told about all the goodies. I mean, obviously she could see that her friend already had her stuff from Pertamina by then, she could've asked her at that time but she didnt. She insisted that should her friend told her about it at that time, she could've gone to the Pertamina booth for the same thing. When her friend replied that by that time perhaps Pertamina already ran out of them. But madam refused to believe it and started to sulk.

I found their conversation rather interesting that one could go on and on about some stupid goodies like that. It is not your luck, get over it.


Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
An interesting post.
By the way I have placed your blog on my reading list so that every time you up date it will appear on my blog.

colson said...

Great ( and funny) observation. Envious of a friend because of a missed opportunity to get ( pretty useless) items for free also.

Why did they behave like they did?

Okay, the answer I heard admittedly is blatant macho-male chauvinist prejudice. I just pass it on for fun.

Gathering items for free is in accordance with the hypothesis that (while male behaviour has it's roots in pre-historic life as hunters - to provide for the meat part of food), archetypical female behaviour originates in having been the collectors (to provide for the vegetarian part of food, mainly).

"So"( al-right, this is kind of fuzzy logic) never miss a one in a million chance to get this unique gadget, a miraculously economical opportunity of a discount to buy something by the dozen, an unexpected priceless bargain to add this once in a lifetime product to the collection and for sure never miss something you can get for free.

Well, actually it is an urge of both male and female persons, but the female urge, I think, on average is the stronger one.

What do you think explains their behaviour??

triesti said...

@harry thanks..very nice of you
@colson I think the sulky one is just plain jealous. her way of blaming other for 'her misfortune' is classic. I dont think it's really about her not getting the goodies, but just this urge to complain. kinda sad to see.

Hning said...

Here's another thought,
Why is the one who is dressed jealous of freebies? How could she not have the slightest shame to express wanting freebies to her friend?

And then scold that friend, for not serving her the favor of finding a a public phone booth and call?

Jesus, what is wrong with me?

triesti said...

@hning dear, did you sit this morning? ;)