Friday, January 14, 2011

One step closer to my dream.

One warm spring afternoon, U and I were walking on the bank of Maas River. He just showed me his special place, his contemplating nook in my city. He asked what my biggest dream was. I told him I want to open libraries across Indonesia, in places where kids need them most. He laughed at me, saying it's not a big dream, that I need to have a bigger dream than just having some libraries. He then told me his biggest dream, which I cant remember what it was.

You see, he comes from a place and a family where reading is a like breathing. Library is a given. He had, and I think he still has, no idea how things are in Indonesia. Unlike his people, as a nation, we dont have reading and writing culture. I'm lucky that my parents instilled the love of reading, and they support it. My parents has no problem spending money on books than on branded goods.

In the area where I live, most of the people are from the lower income bracket in the governmental survey. Most adults enjoyed probably just high school education. From what I heard, the schools in the area have no decent libraries.

Back in May last year, I was involved in this freelance project and I needed partners. One of my cousins' wife got me in touch with this lady who in turned introduced me to Mrs Reksodiputro the founder of Pustaka Kelana, Wandering Books. I hung out at their based in Rawamangun for hours and gave them some inputs. Several month ago, I talked to our Pak RT about it and he was very excited of a prospect introducing kids to reading. He's also a bookworm. I have my allied there.

I contacted Mrs Yeti the librarian of Pustaka Kelana, who at the time was looking for a new place for one of their slots. I proposed using my house, but since I live in a compound, Mrs Yeti concerned that kids from outside would be afraid to come by, so we visited our RW's office near by. We decided it was a better place. After getting a go ahead from AIA insurance as the backer, we started our library.

Each week a car comes by on Tuesdays and Fridays for three hours bringing hundreds of books in several boxes. Two volunteers teach those who cant read reading, origami or other artsy things. My friend I wants to read to the kids once a week. I come by once a week as much as I can.

We have books in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese. We have some Japanese volunteers who translated Japanese books into Bahasa Indonesia. Most of the books are children books, but we also have books for the adults who want to become our member so they can borrow them.

Seeing how lots of kids eagerly reading books brings joy in my heart. My dream is still along way to go, but it's a start. It's one step closer to my dream.

ps: Colson, I already gave your Sinterklaas gift to Mrs. Reksodiputro, she said thank you so much, it is really appreciated.
pps: Another RW near by is asking for Pustaka Kelana to also visit them. Sadly, due to lack of resources Pustaka Kelana only visits 7 locations through out Jakarta.


Antyo Rentjoko said...

Go ahead Miss Osculate :)

triesti said...

Thank you Mr. Gombal :)

colson said...

Libraries traditionally have been ( and still are) important instruments for public cultural education. I think this is a great initiative. Especially for children with a background of deprivation.

I congratulate all of you with the launch of this new project.

triesti said...

Thank you! You are welcome to visit..

colson said...

@ triesti: I may :). I plan to be a week or so in Jakarta in July.