Sunday, January 09, 2011

Thoughts While Waiting At Airport

They say, because I have pain, it mostly means I dont have cancer.
Which is good.
They say, they pay attention each time they find calcium.
Which is not good.

They say, it looks not normal.
which is not good.
They say, we need this observe it in case it's cancerous
which is not good.

Am I hypochondriac if I am a bit worried hearing and seeing their findings?
Would thinking it not cancerous makes it not cancerous?
Have to go back in 3 months time.
Not looking forward to that one.


colson said...

I'm sorry to read you are worrying about your health. Though I guess it is just human to worry if one has been confronted with confusing news about one's health.

It's hard to provide any sensible advice. I know that from my poor efforts to be of some comfort for an ailing ex girlfriend of my son. The only thing I can say I genuinely sympathize with you. And that I trust that, I quote, "Yes, everything is going to be OK".

triesti said...

Yes, I keep repeating that mantra and just do things to distract me. Thank you so much for your concern, opa. It's really appreciated.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
I hope that you will always be okay.

triesti said...

Harry, thank you for your good vibes..