Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Secret

Yesterday I finally told my mom things that made me so depressed two years ago.
She gasped upon hearing one of them over the phone.
At least she knows now why I was the way I was.
But I guess she didnt expect I was being treated like that.


colson said...

Of course I don't know which kind of traumatic experience you went through. Yet I do know that generally speaking it's absolutely wise to talk about it. Especially to someone close, trusted and dear to you. If one doesn't get it off one's chest, it might as well crush you.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

You are lucky that you can still share your secrets with your mom
and she can still give you feedback.
Many people are not that lucky.

triesti said...

I know, it's just mom wasnt as strong as today when it happened.

triesti said...

@harry, yeah.. I used to tell dad, but he's not here anymore..