Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Batak Music

I was listening to this medley of Batak songs by Elfa's singers. You know, Batak are forward thinkers, I mean they talk about 'hape' (Indonesian colloquial for cellphone) from way back when :) They rap way before Tupac was born. ;)


Melly said...

and I can't stop laughing.
What's the occasion for this medley?

colson said...

Interesting and tempting pictures. Quite proud people also I guess, the Batak people. Good singers as well. The songs are probably traditional ( are they actually???), yet the arrangements and sound are pretty modern.

But I have to admit the lyrics are beyond me. And Tupac ??????

triesti said...

@melly glad to entertain you ;) back in the early 90s Elfa recorded 2 cassettes of traditional songs. we were talking about the cassettes at work, so I searched for it on youtube and found this.

@colson, they are traditional songs with modern arrangements. Tupac the american rapper from the 90s.

colson said...

@ triesti: What do you take me for ? :). I know who Tupac is. But I meant I didn't notice any similarity with the Elfa's singers.

triesti said...

@colson.. sorry.. i just find their way of singing in some part is like melodious rapping..

Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
Batak songs are great!
I enjoy going to Batak parties.