Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sing vs Bribery in the Police Force

The 26 years old First Brig. Norman Kamaru is a policeman in Gorontalo whose 15 minutes of fame resulted in him being reprimanded. Seriously, the guy stayed in his station, his crime is lip-syncing an indian song on video. I dont think that's more wrong than his colleague who was glued to his cellphone through out the song.

However the head of national police force is not happy, citing that it's unethical to sing in uniform. Ok, let me get this straight: he thinks that singing in uniform and entertaining people is unethical, but he turned a blind eye to all the corruption by the police who are wearing their uniform when getting the bribery?

Gosh, no wonder we are in the state we are in. People has no idea which is more important these days.


colson said...

Jezus, this guy shouldn't waste his talents on a boring job like this any more. He should choose for stage career - he is a promising amateur actor. Towards the end of the video he should not have put his tongue out though ... (that might have upset his bosses, because they might have thought he expresses his contempt for them :) ).

(By the way: you are absolutely right. The head of national police should be replaced immediately; he clearly has no idea about right and wrong, about main points and side issues.)

Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
I agree with Colson that the singing policeman should change his career.
He has proven that he can be popular in just a very short time.

triesti said...

Guys, I just saw the news he was punished to sing and dance in front of his troop!