Saturday, April 09, 2011

German VS Ireland

So I met this guy a while back, an elderly Indonesian who is now holding German passport after living there since he was a kid. We chit-chatted while waiting. From the start he refused to speak or hear English, citing that he hates everything about English.

Upon knowing about my link to Ireland he said that he cant stand Ireland/Irish. Of course I asked why. He said, and I kid you not, Irish are into wars. They fight all the time. I mean seriously, coming from a 'German' guy that's rich. I pointed out who started both world wars and how Republic of Ireland is different than Northern Ireland which is part of the Great Britan. He insisted that German learned from it and decided to make love not war. He said Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are the same Irish people. He's not even 65 years old but boasting that he experienced WWII in Germany that's why he hates war.

Yeah right.


colson said...

Peculiar guy. Indeed.

Can't see why he should hate English. But I do agree today's official Germany is quite al-right ( although some nasty neo-Nazis still run around on the plains of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

As for the Irish, well, he may have read Roddy Doyle's trilogy about the never ending revolution of '16 ( "A Star called Henry", "Oh, PLay that thing" and "The dead Republic").

triesti said...

hmm I'll have to ask around about revolution of 16.