Monday, April 25, 2011

Indonesian Egypt Link

Apparently the link between Indonesia and Egypt is getting stronger. From what I gather, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is the 'source' of inspiration of Indonesian PKS, Prosperous Justice Party, the one whose member Arifinto recently busted for watching porn during a session in the parliament.

Since to the best of my knowledge Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wasnt allowed to become a political party, ever since the revolution to topple Mubarak, I heard nowaday some members of PKS are acting as advisors to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to set up a political party. Let's hope they dont transfer their hypocrisy as well.


colson said...

Interesting hypothesis.

Perhaps hypocrisy is contagious indeed. But I bet it is in the genes of radical believers also. So anyhow the Brotherhood, which by definition is on the moral high-ground (??), promises to be an ideal biotope.

Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
I am not sure whether the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are not hypocrite themselves.

triesti said...

@harry @colson, I was being sarcastic about the hypocrisy part ;)