Thursday, April 07, 2011

Lucky or Unlucky?

The luckies guy alive is the Swedish Mr Svanstrom. But then again it depends on how you see his luck. He survived 2004 Tsunami. Then he got married, went on 4 months honeymoon (and taking the kid along) around the world. That's when it got interesting.

First they went to Munich and caught one of the worst snowstorm. They flew to Cairns and struck by the strongest cyclones in Australia. They headed to Brisbane but there was the flooding, so they went to Perth and just missed the big bush fires.

From there, they flew to Christchurch, of all place, just after the earthquake. They then flew to (you guess it) Japan. Days later Tokyo was struck by Japan's biggest earthquake.

One thing tho, the marriage is still on. If they can survive natural disasters in those caliber, I bet they can survive anything. After all they say traveling together is the test of any relationship.

So, he might be the unluckiest guy or the luckiest.


colson said...

One thing is clear. I wouldn't choose Mr ( or Mrs for that matter) Svanstrom as a holiday partner. Or in a business enterprise.

triesti said...

We need to track him down.. where ever he is, we stay away from that place.

Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

The Javanese would say that Mr Svanstrom and his family are lucky because can survive the natural disasters, although they cannot enjoy their vacation.

triesti said...

Harry, the javanese are very optimistic bunch arent they?