Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Was This Close To an Actual Bomb

On my way home I saw several tv camera's not far from my transit near our place. Someone said that on the other side of the road they found a bomb and also near our transit.

I took the usual ojek (a sort of motorcycle taxi) and asked him about the bombs. He said that this morning around 9 o'clock a scavenger found a suspicious package near the sluice that I passed by around that time. The scavenger told one of the ojek guys and they inspected before calling the bomb squad. Around 12 PM they blew the bomb up. And this afternoon they found another bomb and was trying to detonate it when I went home.

I think it the closest I've been near an actual bomb. You cant get bored living in big Durian.

PS: The first bomb was located close to a gas pipe. Arent we lucky, that it didnt set off when we passed by.


colson said...

Jeez! Never a dull moment indeed. Relieved you ( and many others) escaped the fate some lethal idiots had in mind.

So much about security.

Well, I trust my lucky star and will travel anyhow - to an overcrowded, traffic jammed and terrorist prone overripe Durian.

Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
I can imagine how you felt when you know that you are very closed to that bomb. Thank God you are okay.

triesti said...

@colson.. someone told me once: with low expectation, you wont get disappointed
@harry thanks.