Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank You Jakarta!

I had to help my cousin getting a visa appointment at the US embassy so I couldnt go home early. I left the office at 6 PM and took the busway home. Seems normal right? Wait until you hear about my journey:

Since the queue was rather long, I took a bus to the opposite of my actual direction. Two stops further, I got a seat toward my actual direction. I transited around Semanggi and met a friend of mine from NL. He said the direction toward our place was so packed that we'd better take a long way to get there. So, I'm back to the stop I was at and took a bus to Harmony. He was convinced that in Harmony there would be much of a queue. Well, guess again dear.

We took a bus to Pulo Gadung because the queue was shorter, and we could get a seat.

He got a text from his dad that around our area the traffic was almost stand still and was told to go to their other house. So, there I was, transited again in an area which was not that safe according to my mom, on my own and waited for a good one hour to get a full bus. And yes, the traffic was pushing. My boss who left the office later than me arrived in Bandung before I got home!

It took me only 4.25hours to get home. Thank you Jakarta!


colson said...

Almost four and a half hours!

I really pity you and all commuting Jakartans. And I wonder if I will be able to make it to any appointment in time in July ..

Probably the city will be closed down altogether one of these days.

triesti said...

they say each year the traffic slows down for 2km/hour.
If it's rain, then some of the time canceling an appointment is the best option.