Friday, April 29, 2011

Pregnancy & Test

There's a chance that come Monday a pregnant 11-years-old kid from Mojokerto is banned from taking her elementary school exam due to her 2 months pregnancy by the local authority.

I dont see the problem of her taking her exam at all. If anything, we need to encourage her taking her exam despite being pregnant. It is bad enough for being pregnant at that age, and presumably without a husband. Dont punish her even more by discriminating her. I applaud that Mr Suyanto is defending her rights to take her exam, which I think the first time ever a public official is taking this step.

As always there's no mentioned of the father of the baby.

This is another nudge toward the direction of putting teenage pregnancy in the agenda of our education. We need to give a proper sex education to our children. Saying that they have to stay chaste before marriage is not enough. Just look at the example of USA vs. The Netherlands for their approach and result on sex education.


colson said...

Hear, hear! ( three times!).

It's still a child for God's sake! She should not be punished but she should be cuddled. It's a ( very) sad affair and

- yes, the stand the likes of mr Suyanto take, represent hope for empathy and common sense

- yes, sex education (and removing irrational taboos on sex) is a superior means to avoid dramas like this one

- and yes, on this specific issue ( teen pregnancy) I'm proud of the results of the "Dutch approach".

triesti said...

it's not easy convincing the holier than thou folks that sex education is needed.. they rather watch porn during a parliament session and accuse other people of loving porn when they refused anti porn law. sigh..