Saturday, September 18, 2010

Invitation on Facebook

The only reason why I am still at Facebook is because since I am not using Blackberry, Facebook is the easier way to communicate with my family en masse. Parties, sickness, deaths, we keep each others up to date via Facebook messages or event option, so those who are not invited/ have anything to do with it wont find out.

In the last year or so, the number of Indonesians using Facebook have been increasing. I've noticed people starts using Facebook to invite people to their event. Not by using 'event' option, but just by tagging people on their invitation. The thing is, sometimes you are not being tagged for an event (meaning you are not invited), but you see that that person is having an event and inviting people.

Take a wedding invitation for example. Indonesian wedding is huge by Western standard. The number of guests can go up to thousands of people. A friend of my dad invited 10000 people to his child's wedding, hosted at two building next to each other. Wedding is more the parents' affair, than the bride and groom's. Therefore to minimized the cost of printing invitations, some bride and groom just send out sms-es or emails as invitation to friends while using the proper invitation for the parents's friends/elderly family. Because of the size of the party, most of the time you can crash an Indonesian wedding party, and if you are bule, chances are they are more than welcome to see you there.

Is it ok to invite some people and showing it to all?
Is it ok to crash the party when you found out this way?

So far, I havent heard any party broadcasted on Facebook in Indonesia that ended up like the one on the news abroad, with the house completely trashed by the gate-crashers.


colson said...

Indonesian weddings are devastating. I found it interesting experiences. However personally I prefer small private weddings. No conspicuous public events.

10000 invitations. O, if they show up all 10000. The horror, the horror. Think of the poor bride and groom shaking hands, and hands,and hands,..People they never met and never will meet again. Grrrr

triesti said...

I know, I share the same sentiment as you. Need to convince my mom tho..