Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Enjoying Jakarta

It's not often I genuinely enjoy Jakarta like today. It's already rainy season, well actually it was pretty wet dry season this year. It's La NiƱa year. The temperature was just right. That being said, it was raining hard when I was inside, but only drizzle when I was out and about. When it wasnt raining, it was cloudy but not hot nor humid.

The best part: the traffic. Oh, the traffic was great. I wish those who are mudik left their cars and motorbikes elsewhere. It took my cab 20 minutes to get to the office! Normally it takes at least one/one and a half hour.

For once, this city is livable.

On the way home, I saw traffic jam was forming again in some part of the city. Tomorrow it'll be more crowded as people are coming back to Jakarta. I'm dreading how things are next Monday as it's back to normal pace and with rainy season comes banjir, flooding, just as last night around Kemang. It means: more macet. Sigh.

Oh well, at least I had today.


colson said...

So I know the best week of the year to visit Jakarta. See if I can find the correct dates of the Ramadhan next year :).

triesti said...

It's around 30/31 August 2011. Since it's time for exodus, if you are planning visiting other places, you need to take care of the reservation early enough. Oh wait, you are Dutch , I dont need to tell you that, chances are you already booked something the year before :)