Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am used to deal with people in the State and in Europe, that I almost make a mistake about sending a document to Australia. Until minutes ago I forgot that 9am in Australia means it's still 6am in Jakarta. For some reasons, I was thinking we are ahead of Australia.

Good that I realized it on time.
Now, I have to think of what to write in that document.


colson said...

It depends on definition of time. You may as well claim to be slightly short of a day ahead of the Aussies.

triesti said...

I know, I used to get confused when talking to people in NL about the time differences, later or ahead. In English we are ahead of you, but in Dutch zijn wij later dan jullie :)

I am still thinking what to say on the document, and have to send it before 6AM tomorrow. grrr