Friday, September 03, 2010

Public Bank Customer Service II

This morning I called their customer service asking the normal procedure on getting a Bank card, and if there's any option for me to activate the card without going back to the bank. There is none, and I was told the bank should've called me about my card problem.

I went there, waited for half an hour, before it was my turn. Fine, I took my work with me. As soon as I sat, The gal said I should've came by yesterday as their device was, yes, you guess it: OFFLINE. She told me I could only activate my card at that branch. The only solution she could give me was for her to open my pin-code, and I let someone else activate my card if I couldnt be there.

OK, it was my 5th visit in 2 months.

So, I closed the account. It's just too much hassle. When I asked the manager name, she told me I could see him right away. I told her I didnt need to see him, it wont change my mind about the bank and its terrible service. Some how this time he came out of his office to see me. He said they already called me about activation. I told him last week, the only time I am able to visit their branch is on Fridays, and how I never heard a word from them before I was upset last week. Apparently, for some people you need to make a lot of noise before their treat you right.

Before I left, I asked her about this particular transaction I had, I need to know who transfered the money to my account. She said they couldnt see the sender on their computer, all they could see was if it was a transfer or it was cash transaction. Hearing that I was so glad I closed that account.

And oh, it was BANK BRI


colson said...

Your bankers' saga columns are not just a good read as well as a horror story, but fortunately they imply a good advice I will pass on to my son and daughter in law: just avoid BANKRI by any means.

Thanks :).

triesti said...

I just heard that one of my cousins closed her account too, and the mother of my 'adopted' brothers told me that BRI oftes has signal problems.