Thursday, September 02, 2010

Public Bank Customer Service

I've been complaining a lot about customer service in Indonesia. Wait, what customer service? Silly me. Anyway, even my mom told me to chill because I complain as soon as I think the service is not up to par.

Back in June I opened an account at this bank near my place. According to its website, they won a lot of award as 'best bank' among others, including best customer service. Again, what customer service? Like I said I open the account back in June 22nd. At that time I was told that it took 2 weeks to get a bank card. To my understanding they are going to send it or at least let me know if it was ready. Fine. While I was there I asked their Swift code. No one, I mean not a single person there knew what a swift code is. So I had to explain to them what it was. They say they are going to find out for me, and I have to call them. A week later I went back to transfer some money, and asked about the swift code. They still hadnt find out. I went to another branch, and again I had to explain to the guy what it was. Yes, I hear you, look at their website. Well, their website is difficult to navigate, which is typical Indonesian site, and they didnt have that information. I just need to make sure the code that I found elsewhere on the net is the right one.

By late July, I called their customer service, and was told to call my branch because they didnt have any information about my bank card. So, I did. I was told there were some 2 weeks delay, but if I want I could get an instant card, what ever that is. Last week, I finally have the time to pay a visit. I got there, and there was this sign at the door: We are offline. Not something I want to see. I got in, and I waited for my turn. This gal was looking around doing nothing, waiting for god knows what. After a while she asked if I needed any help. I told her I want to know about my card as it's been 2 months since I opened my account. The first thing she said was, 'Ibu, there was 2 weeks delay in making bank card.' I mean come on, by that account, I should've got my card a month ago. I told her they should've told me how things are, and it is not acceptable to wait for two month for a simple bank card. At my other bank I got it as soon as I sign on the paper. She then found out that my card is already there, but.. Yes, ladies and gentlemen there was still a big BUT in this story. Since they were offline, they couldnt activated my card, not even able to give me a temporary pin code. Swell.

So, I told her I want to complain. She tried to refuse my lodging any complain. Then I demanded to see her manager. Her manager refused to see me 3 times. I kept telling her I wanted to see her manager. Finally he reluctantly met me. I told him the whole stupid things about the card and the swift code. He asked me for my phone number and promised to call me personally as soon as I can activate my bank card. That was last Friday.

Yesterday I got home and was told that this gal from the bank called and said that I can FINALLY activate my card. Seriously, this is crazy. Two months and 4 visits just to be told I can activate my card!

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colson said...

Bankers in my opinion are the worst creed of all. For one they fucked up their action and have the rest of us pay for their greed and stupidity.

Next I think customer services are never ever meant anywhere in the world to please the customer. They are there to keep dissatisfied, complaining clients and their problems at best at the doorstep of - or preferably even at greater distance from- the responsible banker guys and dolls.

So I'm sorry for you, but it is kind of a solace to read about ass-hole bankers elsewhere in the world.