Thursday, September 02, 2010

On DPR Building

There's this big fuss about the new planned Parliament (DPR) building that costs IDR 1.6 trillion. Actually it costs less than the upcoming SEAGAMES in Palembang. It is said that the old building was built for 800 people, and currently there about 2000 people working there. It is also said that the MPs' office at the moment is not big enough for them and their experts.

I think it's a fair plan to build a new building.

That being said, I dont think an MP needs a 120m² office with a bed room. They already get a house. Why dont they use that when they are not napping at work? As for having a spa as part of the public facilities, to be fair if I remember correctly, at the Pentagon there are facilities such as: hairdresser, gym, supermarket, post office, laundry, restaurants and fast food, pharmacy, health clinics, gift shop, and child care. Then again there are 24000 people working at the Pentagon. Plus, from what I saw back in 2000/2001, their facilities are not luxurious, just normal facilities like in other places. Granted, I didnt see all of their facilities. I remember taking a peek at some of the generals/admirals offices while we were passing by, they were not as big as 120m² eventho some of their officers/secretary were working there.

I've also noticed, when it comes to MPs facilities, they really are working on getting it approve quickly. However, when it comes to those who are needed, it seems like it takes ages to approve anything. Perhaps if those esteemed MPs showed a great job, there wouldnt be any fuss about it. It's just it doesnt feel like they deserve all the luxuries.

Honestly, I wonder why they are stubbornly push this plan, and if it is really what all the MPs want or it is just a project of some of the MPs. Why cant they choose a middle ground of a less luxurious building and use the rest of the money for a more important matter such as better health care for the needed or a better public transport.

Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg! Just act normally, then you act crazily enough!


colson said...

Whenever in any democracy governments or parliaments decide to improve their own conditions ( money, facilities) it will cause public disapproval, indignation or even demonstrations. Which usually does not prevent the plans to be carried out.

The nice ( funny) touch in this story is "an MP needs a 120m² office with a bed room". I love that. ;-P

triesti said...

I guess, if they got their way, we are going to see a lot of 'Maria Eva scandal' in the future :)
My boss said those MPs have penis problem. :D