Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's in Your Head

On Lebaran I saw one of my cousins, a nephew and an aunt wore this neoprene wristband with hologram on it. I asked what it's all about. My cousin B said it's for balance and protecting our body's energy field. I was skeptical, so he demonstrated it on me. I had to stand and put my arms behind me like I were in handcuffs, another cousin held my hands and pulled me back and down. I leaned back and almost fell. Then I put on the wristband, and received the same treatment. I leaned back and almost fell. B said I didnt do it properly. We did it again twice. The same result. B then told me to stand on one foot and stick my arms out to both sides. I had to resist the force he put on the arm on the side my leg was up. I almost fell. He put the wristband on me and did the same thing. Guess what? I almost fell.

It was so funny. He said it worked on him, and it should've worked on me too.

I think it works on those people in the same way placebo works. It's all in your head, you believe it's going to work, so it does. While I believe each of us has an energy field, I dont believe a thing, let alone a hologram can protect/balancing our energy field.


colson said...

OMG, it's epidemic.

Did you know the players of the Dutch squad in the World Championship wore the same wristband ( well some of them)? ... and lost the final game. And going by the fouls they made they were not at all perfectly balanced.

But you are right; it may help those who think it helps. Silly, but no harm done.

Fortunately you probably have been blessed by the mindset of a sceptic..

triesti said...

yeah, I noticed but i thought it was some kind of acupuncture thingy like the one Barney uses during dart tournament.

then again, sportmen are mostly superstitious, chances are it works on them to some degree.